Community Solutions, Inc. - our name is our mission
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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Community Solutions Inc. is to promote the independence, citizenry and well-being of individuals and families involved, or at risk of involvement, in the child welfare, juvenile justice and criminal justice systems.


Community Solutions Inc. (CSI) is a nonprofit organization that promotes self-reliance, responsibility and accountability for at-risk and disadvantaged youth and adults. Since 1962, CSI has delivered supervision, treatment, and comprehensive, individualized services to help clients interact more effectively in their communities and become productive citizens.

CSI offers a portfolio of services to hundreds of youth and adults referred through contracts with all branches of the state and federal juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, as well as social service agencies. Currently, CSI clinicians works with adults, youth, families and communities throughout the country, achieving excellent outcomes and consistently receiving high marks from outside evaluators.