About : Welcome Letter from our CEO

Community Solutions has provided services to people in need since 1962, always with a view toward integrating the needs of the individual with those of the family and the larger community. We are proud of our history and our current programs, and believe our vision for future services will continue to assure we are in the forefront of state-of-the-art programs and are providing solutions that truly make a difference.

Our juvenile justice, child welfare, and criminal justice programs are accredited and use evidence-based techniques to create positive change in the individual and the family, while continuing to provide supervision and accountability in the community. Our services are provided throughout the country, and are continually monitored and modified to ensure we are providing the most effective and economical program.

We welcome you to visit and meet with our staff to see first-hand how the programs work and as you review the information presented throughout our Web site, please keep in mind that while we operate as a nonprofit business and apply all of the principles of leadership and management found in other businesses, our consummate goal is to better the lives of those we serve and the communities in which they live, and that makes all the difference. When we say "Our name is our mission," we mean it, and it is reflected in the dedication of our staff and the quality of our programs.

Robert D. Pidgeon
Chief Executive Officer
Community Solutions Inc.