Looking for Evidence of Excellence at CSI

If you are looking for evidence of excellence at CSI, check out the Alternative in the Community (AIC) programs. CSI's AIC programs are achieving the best outcomes in the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut Court Support Services Division (CSSD) tracks AIC program client data through the contractor data collection system.

The results are published and dispersed twice per year through a statewide composite report card. The most recent report card, representing data from January to June 2014, shows all five of CSI's AIC's scoring within the top ten (out of 19) across the state, including the top overall program.

CSI's AIC staff have evidenced their commitment to strengthening the connection between the community and their individuals. Sherry Albert CSI's chief operating officer states, "Results-based accountability has made us a better at what we do and how we do it. It has given our funder a user-friendly way to show the Legislature the positive impact on public safety."

The following are the areas scored for the composite report card.
  • Client completion of Employment Services Group
  • Client completion of Reasoning and Rehabilitation Group
  • Client completion of Treating Addictive Disorders Program
  • Client obtaining employment
  • Client recidivism within one year of post discharge from the AIC
  • Score of the Working Alliance Inventory
  • CSSD contracted trainer's QA score of the AIC program
  • Intakes entered into the contractor data collection system
  • Assessment entered into the contractor data collection system
  • Enrollment entered into the contractor data collection system