Adult Services : Alternative in the Community Programs

Community Solutions' (CSI) Alternative in the Community (AIC) programs are community-based alternatives to incarceration that provide multifaceted intervention services for offenders awaiting trial, or who are on probation or parole. The program uses Motivational Interviewing techniques and a curricula-driven, evidence-based model designed to assess the needs of each client to reduce individual risk factors. Participants work closely with case managers, intervention and employment specialists to develop individual goals and make positive changes in their lives. Learn more about AIC excellence at CSI.

Services include:
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation and Education
  • Job Training/Job Search/Job Placement
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Referrals for Specialized Services
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

AIC programs cut crime, cut costs and build communities.

Cut Crime
CSI's Alternative in the Community (AIC) programs, funded by Connecticut Court Support Services Division, contributed to the statewide record of a 12 percent reduction of recidivism.

Cut Costs
Effective alternative to incarceration policies save money and make better use of limited resources by establishing a more coordinated and comprehensive continuum of care and supervision. Even small reductions in recidivism rates will generate substantial cost-savings by avoiding more costly incarceration. AIC programs operate at a fraction of the cost of a prison bed.

Build Communities
CSI is committed to strengthening the connection between community and individuals. AIC programs allow clients to remain part of the workforce, to be parents, and to play a role in strengthening the fabric of their families and neighborhoods. Tens of thousands of community service hours are performed each year resulting in savings to the community of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.