Adult Services : Outcomes Fiscal Year 2016

At Community Solutions Inc. (CSI) we understand the importance of positive outcomes and realize that the strongest evidence that our services are effective comes by demonstrating positive impacts on the communities we serve. Examples of positive results within our adult services division include:

  • More than 4,700 clients were served.

  • The number of community service hours completed was 26,842. Calculated at minimum wage, our clients provided $221,468 worth of labor to nonprofit agencies and municipalities.

  • Connecticut residential clients paid $20,554 to the Connecticut Victim Compensation Board.

  • CSI’s Adult Residential programs achieved a total successful completion rate of 80%.

  • CSI's Alternative in the Community (AIC) programs, funded by the Judicial Branch Connecticut Court Support Services Division, and CSI’s California Day Reporting Centers (DRC), funded by Santa Barbara County’s Sheriff’s Department achieved a combined 85% successful completion rate.

  • Santa Barbara and Santa Maria DRC’s had their sixth successful year. CSI was also featured in Santa Barbara County’s 3rd Quarter Roundup video, where Sheriff Bill Brown thanked CSI, as the partnering agency, for helping change lives and reducing repeat crime in the community.

  • CSI opened an office in Ventura, California as part of Restorative Justice Practices funding through Interface Children & Family Services Core Connection Program to provide Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Seeking Safety to the AB109 population.

  • CSI received a Community Recidivism and Crime Reduction Grant from Santa Barbara County for $25,000.

  • CSI partnered with Santa Barbara County Workforce Resource Center and was included in a multi-agency collaboration to create a specifically designed program to help those recently released from the prison system get back on their feet by rebooting their lives. The program is now nationally recognized and was specially celebrated at the White House in September.

  • Watkinson Prisoners’ Aid Society granted CSI $5,000 toward a beautification project for our Hartford House women’s residential program.

  • The Delaware Criminal Justice Council granted CSI $25,000 to put toward revitalization of our Delaware Residential program.

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