Adult Services : Outcomes Fiscal Year 2012

At Community Solutions we understand the importance of positive outcomes and realize that the strongest evidence that our services are effective comes by demonstrating positive impacts on the communities we serve. Examples of positive results within our adult services division include:

Adult Services

  • In fiscal year 2012, more than 10,000 clients were served
  • The number of community service hours completed by adult services clients was 55,692 for fiscal year 2012.  Calculated at minimum wage, our clients provided $459,459 worth of labor to local non-profit agencies and municipalities.

  • The program completion rate for residential clients was 80% and the out client rate was 72% in 2012

  • Adult residential clients saved tax payers $296,186 by making direct payment towards their room and board costs in 2012

  • Adult clients paid $20,388 to the Connecticut Victim Compensation Board during fiscal year 2012.