Adult Services : Steady On Your Feet

When you trip and fall, you often need a hand to help you stand again. Enrique Gonzalez needed a firm grip to steady him and thanks to an alert staff at CSI's New Jersey Day Reporting Center program, Enrique got just that.

Gonzalez entered the program bitter, confused and afraid; believing that the he would be judged based on his past mistakes and treated harshly. He was depressed and reluctant to seek any help. Familiar with the signs, CSI staff approached Gonzalez providing moral and emotional support, in addition to professional services.

Realizing the CSI staff was behind him, his fear slowly turned the corner to self-confidence and determination to change his situation and better his life.

Gonzalez has since completed the DRC's Cognitive Self Change group and participated in groups such as Anger Management and Life Skills, as well as Employment Readiness. Gonzalez honed his interviewing skills and his resume while CSI's teacher at the DRC prepared Gonzalez to take his college placement test. Enrique is now in school full-time at Hudson County Community College and employed there part-time.

CSI's DRC is a "safe haven" for him, with its open door policy and willingness to go that extra mile even for former clients. Gonzalez has been successfully discharged but continues to use DRC services, including tutoring. Gonzalez points out, "This place even helps me with my homework on the weekend."

Gonzalez has taken great strides in a short time and serves as a reminder to all of us who do this job daily, that through a community of concerned people, change is possible.