February 2012

CSI's Community Court Program Receives Good Neighbor Award

Community Solutions was recently recognized at the 12th Annual Waterbury, Connecticut Neighborhood Council Awards Dinner with a Good Neighbor Award. The Saint Margaret's/Willow Plaza Neighborhood Revitalization Zone acknowledged CSI for their service and dedication to the City of Waterbury. Through the Community Court's minor offender program, CSI clients and staff transformed empty building lots into gardens and continues to maintain and beautify these locations throughout the Willow Plaza neighborhood.

Community Court provides an opportunity for low-level offenders to repay the community with meaningful community service. Projects promote client motivation and independence while benefiting the local community. CSI's Community Court works effectively with the community of Waterbury to help clean and support the city. Service teams are also available to non-profit civic organizations, local charities and churches. The connections that are made through these collaborations benefit both the offenders and the community.