December 2014

COO Sherry Albert congratulates
Amy Anderson and her husband Craig
Amy Anderson Receives 2014 John Stein Employee of the Year Award

Amy Anderson, Program Director of CSI's Danbury AIC (Alternative in the Community), has been named the 2014 winner of the John Stein Employee of the Year Award.

Amy's outstanding work was honored during a ceremony held at CSI's Central Office in Windsor, Connecticut. The event was attended by Adult Division and Central Office staff, who watched as Amy was presented with the award, flowers, and a monetary prize. After the presentation of the award, speeches were made by Chief Executive Officer Robert Pidgeon and Chief Operating Officer Sherry Albert, recognizing Amy's contributions to CSI and its clients.

Amy is one of CSI's longest-tenured employees, having been with the agency since 1998, and has been nominated for the John Stein award every year since its creation in 2009. As of December 2014, her program is the highest rated AIC on the Connecticut Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Report Card, a measurement tool that includes rates of client employment, completion rates of groups, quality assurance scores, timeliness of intakes, and client-submitted surveys, among other data.

During the application process, Amy received numerous letters of nomination from sources both internal and external. Below are selected excerpts.

The John Stein Award
"Amy has a well-earned excellent reputation on AIC Policy and procedures and she provided assistance to other AIC programs in this important area. As a result, Amy was instrumental in volunteering her time to go to her sister AIC's and assist them in their CSSD audit preparations. She did this without any direction except her own self direction to be an asset to her peers. It's important to note that Amy does this on a yearly basis...In addition; Amy is also very well versed in CSSD's CDCS system. She consistently identifies issues/problems within the system; not just for her program but for all other CSI AIC programs as well. Again, she does this at her own direction to ensure all CSI information/data in the system is accurate and up to date."

"Amy has, on a number of occasions, been called on to serve as the acting Area Director. And it is clear that she has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to manage the additional responsibilities very effectively. Frankly, Amy is someone I look up to regularly and I view her as a mentor. I am so thankful to have a supervisor like her, someone who I can go to at any time and ask for advice and assistance...However, the main reason I thought of Amy when considering this nomination is the way in which Amy does her job; quietly and methodically, day in day out, earning high respect from her co-workers as well as her clients!"

"On occasion, I call or e-mail our Mayor, Mark Boughton, to remind him that Danbury is rated one of Connecticut's safest cities due to the hard work of many people invested in the community working behind the scenes. One of those people is Amy Anderson."

The John Stein Award is given on a yearly basis, recognizing an outstanding employee whose contributions help achieve the mission of Community Solutions, Inc. and continue the memory of John Stein, a colleague whose service to CSI and friendship to all should not be forgotten. The selection process is based on the employee's continual efforts to go beyond the daily work of the individual in service and job performance. Amy joins the list of winners of the John Stein Award:

2009 - Sally Guy
2010 - Aileen O'Brien
2011 - Jill Hoch
2012 - Vonetta Lambert
2013 - Kimberly Seda
2014 - Amy Anderson