Youth Services

The goals of Community Solutions Inc.'s youth services division are to work with each youth in order to improve academic performance, improve family dynamics, and prepare the youth to succeed in the community. Balancing accountability, community protection and competency development provides the greatest benefit to our youth.

Our youth services include:
Researchers find that these programs reduce recidivism, out-of-home placement, substance abuse and school failure. National endorsements include:
  • National Institutes of Health panel of experts endorses FFT and MST as being model programs and highly effective in reducing aggression, delinquency and substance abuse.
  • Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development names FFT and MST as model programs.
  • SAMSHA names MST as a model program.
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse assesses FFT and MST as highly effective.
Several of our programs are home-based and evidence-based programs that offer specific keys to success, including:
  • Therapy is strength-focused and problem-oriented.
  • Goals are set primarily by family.
  • Therapists set clearly defined, achievable short-term tasks.
  • Interventions support parents' skills and authority.
  • Family is connected to community and a broader social support network.
  • All work is done in the family's natural environment.
  • Therapists are flexible and resourceful as they engage and treat youth and family.
  • The program maintains strong adherence to a research-validated manual.

Youth Residential Services

In addition to our home-based youth services, Community Solutions Inc. offers youth residential services at the Coventry House (for boys ages 12 to 17 years old).