Youth Services : Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

ART curriculum by Glick, Goldstein and Gibbs, is a cognitive behavioral program designed to address the emotional element of aggression and aggressive thinking patterns and behaviors. Many individuals who engage in high risk behaviors have demonstrated a history of poor coping skills associated with stress, anxiety, other developmental and environmental factors related to criminal thinking and antisocial behavior, and dealing with authority and aggression.

Juveniles with a history or demonstrated need for anger management services as identified through the assessment and those with high criminogenic needs in low self-control and emotional/personal are referred to the 10 session cognitive-behavioral anger management group. The emphasis of this program is placed on learning to recognize and understand the conflict cycle and emotional triggers.

ART is used in schools, criminal justice settings and prevention programs. This cognitively-based curriculum helps clients to change aggressive thinking patterns and behaviors. ART groups will serve up to 10 youth in each group cycle. Groups will be facilitated by two trained ART Intervention Specialists. Participants will learn what not to do when they get angry and will become familiar with a series of steps to deal with their feelings.

The three components of ART, skill streaming, anger control and moral reasoning, are taught in one-hour group sessions meeting twice a week for 5 weeks, 10 sessions in total.