Youth Services : Outcomes

MST Outcomes

The following is a review of the performance of Community Solutions Inc.'s MST programs. The data below provides the overall averages of MST Network providers for comparison including U.S. teams and international teams for all cases in the 2016 MST Data Report. This data is then compared to the average for Community Solutions Inc. from 1/1/15 to 12/31/15. Community Solutions Inc. discharged 719 youth in 2015 from direct service and system supervision teams serving Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Ultimate Outcomes Review Target Threshold* National Average* CSI Average
Percent of youth living at home 90% 90.5% 84.7%
Percent of youth in school/working 90% 85.6% 81.8%
Percent of youth with no new arrests during treatment 90% 86.4% 83.37%
Therapist Adherence Data
Overall average adherence score 0.61 0.76 0.72
Percent clients reporting adherence above threshold of 0.61 80% 76.3% 71.6%
Case Closure Data
Percent of cases completing treatment 85% 87.8% 81.6%
Percent of cases discharged due to lack of engagement <5% 4.4% 3.8%
Percent of youth placed during treatment <10% 7.8% 14.6%
Average length of stay in days for youth receiving MST 100-140 128.4 123.1*